Image Specs


Homepage Stream

While the homepage stream allows for any size image,
following the recommended sizes will help maintain consistency. 


Full width Article

Recommended Pixel Dimensions = 1800 x 720px

( Recommended Aspect Ratio = 5 : 2 )



Recommended Pixel Dimensions = 1000 x 667px

(Recommended Aspect Ratio = 3 : 2)



Recommended Pixel Dimensions = 667 x 1000px

( Recommended Aspect Ratio = 2 : 3 )




Featured (first) Image = 600 x 900px


Other product images = Can be any size, maximum width of 1800px.

( these images will be shown at their uploaded size, up to 100% width )



Text Page

Width 1800px, any height

( landscape images are recommended )






Edited under Online Store > Blog Posts


The Homepage displays a stream of articles from the 'Homepage Stream' blog.




To add an article to the homepage, create an article (aka blog post) and then:


1. Add a featured image, title, and content.
2. Set the article's blog to 'Homepage Stream' using the blog dropdown.
3. Set the article to visible.


Articles can be reordered using the 'set a specific publish date' option.



If an article's featured image aspect ratio is 2:1 ( it's width is 2x it's height ) or greater, the article will display full width. Otherwise it will display in a row with one or two other articles.


Note that an article may switch positions with its neighbor ( the article immediately before or after ) to attain the most appealing layout.




By default, the article title and content are shown on hover.




To link an article to a product and show the product's information, add a tag which includes the product's handle in the following format: 'product-product-handle'.


e.g. for product 'Blue Shirt' with handle 'blue-shirt', you would add the tag 'product-blue-shirt' to the article.


A product's handle is usually the product title, all lowercase, with dashes in place of spaces. The handle can be found on a product page, under the 'Edit website SEO' option.






Products / Shop


Edited under Products > Products


A collection titled 'Shop' has been created and is set to display all products.
Any active product ( with a price greater than 0 ) will be displayed on the shop page.





To add a product, click the blue 'Add Product' button, then:


1. Add a title and description.
2. Add Images. IMPORTANT The first image is displayed on the shop page only.




A waitlist app has been installed, allowing users to sign up to receive an email when a sold out product is back in stock. To enable this functionality on a product click the "..." button on the top of the product page. Then, click the 'Edit Waitlist' button, and enable the product.




Once enable, the 'email me when available' option will display if the following conditions are met for a variant:


1. Inventory Policy is set to 'Shopify tracks this product'
2. The 'Allow customer to purchase when out of stock' option is checked
3. The variant quantity is 0.





Products can be reordered under Products > Collections > Shop


Select an order from the 'Sort' dropdown. If set to 'Manually', you can drag and drop to create a custom order. 





Global Settings


Edited Under Theme Settings > Global Settings


Under 'Product Quantity' you have the option to hide or display the quantity menu on all product pages. There is also a 'Max Quantity' option, which determines the values shown in the quantity dropdown. (e.g. Selecting 3 will display 1, 2, and 3).




Under 'Mailchimp Newsletter Signup' you can add your Mailchimp action url for use in the footer newsletter signup form.







Edited under Online Store > Navigation


Only the Footer Menu should be edited.


To edit, click the 'Edit Menu' button. Here you have the ability to edit, add and remove links.





Text Pages


Edited under Online Store > Pages


The page title is automatically displayed at the top of the page.




To add an underlined header/title, highlight the text and select H3 from the formatting dropdown.


Set the page to visible to publish it.